Andrea Hope

Bitz 'n' Pieces

Hi, my name is Andrea Hope and I live in Northern Ireland with my wonderful partner Diane Marks and our two Guide Dogs.

I am currently working my fourth Guide Dog Debbie, a Retriever cross Labrador and I love being out and about with her. I love the freedom, independence and confidence she gives me. Without all of my dogs, I don’t think I’d be out that often and I wouldn’t have achieved what I have.

I’m a classically trained soprano and my degree is in music. I’d love to do something with music therapy, but there is nowhere here in Northern Ireland to study this. I love playing piano and my Djembe (African hand drum) and singing African songs.

I’ve a level 4 in counselling and I love helping others. Of course, help can be given in various ways and if I’ve made a difference to someone’s wellbeing, then to me, that’s all that matters.

I am very passionate about tennis and I’ve always wished that I could play. After so many years of listening to others around me play and watching it on TV, it has finally been adapted for Visually Impaired People. Now, I’m finally on that court and loving every moment of it. 

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