Ian Francis


Hi, I’m Franky AKA Ian Francis, and I present Drivetime, where all four of our stations come together between 5-7pm as it’s the only place on the planet where you can still hear REAL RADIO.

So whether you listen to me on OLDIES FUNHOUSE RADIO, CBC, or THE VIP LOUNGE , you're sure to hear something you like by way of some fantastic music from the largest audio library outside of the BBC.

But our show is so big I couldn’t do it without my Producer, Leanne Gilchrist, who puts the playlists together for me. LG’s hard work means that I can spend more time concentrating on our loyal band of dedicated listeners known as THE FRANKIES and giving them what they want to help them start their evening with a cheery disposition.

I find the showbiz gossip, quirky stories and intersperse them with the tunes that we play. Couple this with live listener interaction, the most up-to-date national and international news every 30 minuets, weather at the top of each hour and sports headlines at half-past, it all makes for an extremely busy, fast moving programme and that’s why we are the most listened to internet radio programme in the UK.

Away from radio I am a family man, spending most of my spare time with Sammy, my partner and our fantastic son Gwyn, who you can often hear on the radio while I broadcast.

Having a laugh is important to me, so I tend to joke about a lot. I love my classic cars and currently own 4, none of which I can drive myself as I’m registered blind.

My catch phrase is:-

“Wherever you are,
Whatever you're doing,
I hope that you're doing it well.”

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