Lianne McKeon

Going Freestyle

Hi, I'm Lianne Mckeon. I present the show called Going Freestyle, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 8pm, playing lots of fantastic music taking your requests and dedications.

I have been a presenter on the VIP Lounge for over 3 years, doing a variety of shows, my first ever show was called Happy Days.

I have also been a part of the VIP Lounge in several other rolls in supporting our members.

My current roll is looking after the events on the VIP Lounge Radio Group, helping to organise holidays etc.

Since joining the VIP Lounge in 2016, I have made lots of new friends, learnt new skills, becom more confident. Have travelled a lot more and been on a variety of holidays with the VIP Lounge.

My hobbies and interests include listening to music and audio books, going for walks with my guide dog Ralph, and socialising with friends and family.

Apart from the VIP Lounge my second biggest interest is my street dance. I am part of a stage school for children and adults with disabilities. We perform at a variety of festivals, carnivals and do our own shows.

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