Paul Cutress

Weekend Break

I have worked on the VIP lounge for three years now. I started broadcasting in March 2017. I never believed at that time that I could ever be a radio presenter much less work a full five days a week on a radio station. Thanks to the VIP Lounge Radio Group I gained the courage and the confidence to do just that.

I presented the afternoon delight from March 2017 until July 2019, when for health reasons I had to reduce my hours to just working at the weekends. Currently at time of writing, you can listen to my show every Saturday and Sunday between 10am and midday on the VIP lounge.

In my spare time, I like to meet up with friends, try out lots of new technology and gadgets, and assess their suitable accessibility values for visually impaired people.

I like socialising too, such as going to clubs, pubs, the cinema and lots more.

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